This is a discussion on thoughts concerning what Jedi wear. The Society is not dictating what Jedi should wear.

Some people, including Jedi, like to dress up. Doing what is enjoyable is a good outcome.

Below is what is typically thought of as the classic Jedi formal costume. The photo on the right includes a robe.

This apparel has now so closely aligned with Jedi, that merely wearing this will cause members of the public to think the individual is a Jedi. Typically, this is a formal attire.

The next item is the robe. This also is highly associated with being a Jedi. Less formal, and able to be used more often. This image is from the Jedi Church.

A formal suit that is similar with current trends of dress, and hence does not stand out as much, but then is less distinguishable as a Jedi dress code is the use of the Mandarin collar.