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Here is a list of links to sites that Society members should check out. They are set to open in a new window.

This is an excellent site for those starting off on the Jedi Path:

Just Jedi Where there are a few documents concerning the force. Training material is still in the process of release however.

Temple Of The Jedi Order

Force Academy Light Aspect.

Arkinnea Jedi Order School

A great deal of readings can be found here:

Jedi Realists

Padawan Kesh


Qi Gong Kesh

Akar Kesh

The following URL is now defunct: It contained research into the origin of Jedi, saying being able to link back to ancient Egypt, referencing the Djed, or Djedhi. Thankfully, the page was saved. Here is the page: Egypt_origins.pdf It will open in a new tab. Worth a look.

Here is a resource about an American mythologist that influenced many.