Jedi Path

This is a guide to following the Jedi Path. Use the links on the left to begin each lesson. The Society plans to be able to conduct these lessons at the Jedi Temple once established. If you have any suggested guides, please send them through using the Contact page.

Important Note: The below is what the Society agrees is the definition of being a Jedi. As such, members are expected to use this definition to journey on the Jedi Path. We ask all members to use their own common sense and listen to what feels right to you.

"Jedi believe in the Force, aspire to the Jedi Code, help others with compassion and selflessness, all the while maintaining a calm, peaceful and professional composure through knowledge and training."

This is taken from:

If members would like to suggest improvements, please forward them to the Society.

Some members have questioned "professional composure". Why professional? A good question. The root word is "profess". A Jedi professes to be a Jedi. When one visits a doctor in a professional capacity, there is an expectation of a certain kind of behaviour the doctor will perform. As a professional, a Jedi needs to step up, and be on duty.