It is apparent that our destiny is aligned with the Force. On the website WikiHow recently [assumption] a page has been created How to be a Jedi.

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Do the Star Wars movies make you wish you could be a real Jedi? You may not be able to fly around in space fighting Storm Troopers but there are parts of being a Jedi that you can adopt. Don’t worry too much about not being able to use the force or having a real light saber – hone your other traits to become as close to a real life Jedi as possible.

Part 1

Dressing like a Jedi [Note: Being a Jedi is not about dressing up. It is about being a Jedi. What a Jedi wears is trivial. Actions speak louder than clothing. There is also a concern that this is a fashion. On the pro side, it would make sense that if one is making an effort, say to speak as a Jedi, a suit would be less appropriate than Jedi garb.]


   Be a Jedi Step 1


   Find a brown shirt. Wear a brown T-shirt or turtleneck to start. You also should wear a white karate GI suit over that. You can buy these at martial arts stores or online.

   Be a Jedi Step 2


   Wear a brown robe. The Jedi wore clothing that fit their monastic lifestyle.[1] A friar robe is a great choice to simulate the Jedi robe, but if you really are crunched for time you could always try a brown bathrobe.[2]You can buy a Friar robe online.

       Friar robe’s offer hoods, which make them a good option to replicate a Jedi robe.

       The robe should reach to the floor or your ankles at the very least.

       Stick with simple and comfortable robes.

   Be a Jedi Step 3


   Tie it all together with a wide, brown leather belt. Don’t wear an expensive, flashy belt. Remember that the Jedi are very ascetic. That’s what you should be striving to emulate.[3]

   Be a Jedi Step 4


   Wear boots and loose fitting pants. Remember to keep the colors and tones of the boots and pants very muted. You shouldn't be wearing conspicuous or extravagant clothing, and the pants shouldn't be so baggy that they fall below your waist.

       The material should be tough enough to withstand survival missions or work outdoors. There is no such thing as designer Jedi clothing.[4]

   Be a Jedi Step 5


   Look for over and under tunic of the same measurements. Wearing multiple layers of tunics is an ideal way to replicate the Jedi look. The under tunic should be white and the over tunic should match the color of your trousers.[5] Remember that Padawans also only wore simple robes and tunics.


Part 2

Acting like a Jedi


   Be a Jedi Step 6


   Memorize the Jedi code. The Jedi code should inform the way that you interact with the world and how you think about yourself. The Jedi code is a good mantra to memorize and try to recall on your path to becoming a Jedi. Try to remember the code whenever you get frustrated or worked up. The Jedi code is as follows:

       There is no emotion, there is peace.

       There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

       There is no chaos, there is harmony.

       There is no passion, there is serenity.

       There is no death, there is the Force.

   Be a Jedi Step 7


   Be brave and noble. Fear is the path to the dark side, so you should try to avoid letting fear consume you. It’s totally okay to fear so long as you admit it to a master or an apprentice, or any one with you. If no-one is with you admit it to yourself out-loud, it is better to be mindful of being afraid than to contain it inside you.

   Be a Jedi Step 8


   Maintain an inner calm. To hone your full potential abilities as a Jedi you must be morally, ethically, and mentally stable.[6] Patience is a huge part of being a Jedi. You shouldn’t find yourself riled up easily or constantly worried. Have faith in your abilities to handle extreme situations.

   Be a Jedi Step 9


   Follow the Jedi Path. The three pillars of the Jedi Path are self-discipline, knowledge, and the Force. Remember that the Force doesn’t necessarily need mean moving around objects with your mind. It also has to do with being able to convince people to do your bidding, being perceptive, and understanding the truth in things. Try to model all your actions after the pillars of the Jedi Path.[7]

       Self discipline means you should exercise regularly [8] and remain diligent. Don’t be someone of excess. Have you ever seen an out of shape Jedi?

       Embracing the knowledge pillar means you should embrace your studies and learn as much as you can about the world and the creatures that live in it.


Part 3

Living Like a Jedi


   Be a Jedi Step 10


   Practice meditation. Mindfulness meditation is an easy meditation to begin with. This will help you have a relaxed and capable mind. The idea behind mindfulness meditation is that your brain is constantly thinking and planning but never taking the time to be present. Sit with your legs crossed on the ground and practice breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.[9]

       Try to be completely present as you do this - only pay attention to your breathing and what your body feels like. When you notice that your attention has strayed from your breathing, move it back to your breath. Don't berate yourself, just notice that your attention has strayed and let it go.[10]

   Be a Jedi Step 11


   Learn sword-fighting skills and martial arts. Taking fencing classes will teach you similar skills that you would use with a light saber. Martial arts is a great way to train your body and your mind at the same time. Being fit and capable are essential if you want to be a Jedi. However you should remember that fighting is not what being a Jedi is all about. The Jedi Path says nothing about fighting.

   Be a Jedi Step 12


   Get rid of everything you don’t need. Obi –Wan lived in a cave for forty years, so you can probably get rid of some of your clothes and belongings. If you really want to be a Jedi it means embracing the ascetic lifestyle. The more monastic your lifestyle the more you will be in touch with the Jedi Path.[11]

   Be a Jedi Step 13


   Embrace compassion. You should strive to be a good person. You must develop this just as you develop your other skills.[12] You don’t need to be constantly saving people from danger, but you should try to find small kindness in life.

       For example, offer your change to a homeless person or donate some of your clothes to charity.

   Be a Jedi Step 14


   Surround yourself with good people. Anakin wasn’t corrupted until he started spending more time around Darth Sidious. [13] Don’t allow people to negatively alter your worldview.

       You should be open to new opinions, but take care not to stray from the code or the Jedi Path while you remain open-minded. Evil is evil.