To become a better Jedi, and to live a better life, learn and practice meditation.

Science shows there are benefits of meditation.

This link claims seven benefits:

  • Meditation Helps Preserve the Aging Brain
  • Meditation Reduces Activity in the Brain’s “Me Center”
  • Its Effects Rival Antidepressants for Depression, Anxiety
  • Meditation May Lead to Volume Changes in Key Areas of the Brain
  • Just a Few Days of Training Improves Concentration and Attention
  • Meditation Reduces Anxiety — and Social Anxiety
  • Meditation Can Help with Addiction
  • Short Meditation Breaks Can Help Kids in School

Actually that list has eight benefits, but close enough.

There are many resources to learn how to meditate. Here is one from a fellow Jedi site:

Here's a quick and easy one to learn.

For a how to guide, here is a link:

Here is an article on how to meditate with lots of useful tips and information (especially great for beginners). Well worth a look.

Here is another link that is quite comprehensive.

Below are a couple of exercises that an on-line Jedi group practice.


Notice how the tree takes water from the ground to the leaves.

What is grounding? it is the process of taking excess energy from your body and sending it into the ground.

Why ground? Whenever you are practice with the Force, you can sometimes experience an overload, or feeling too much energy. This may not feel pleasant. Grounding can solve the overload.

When to ground? Grounding can be considered the cool down after a hard run. So ground anytime you do energetic work. You can also ground to generally calm yourself down or before practicing with the Force.

Now we are going to do the opposite of the tree.

Take slow deep breathes. Relax.

Can you feel energy flowing at this point? Perhaps something like bubbling through arms, legs and spine. Or a tingling.

Try the 123 Method

Step 1. Breathe. Take slow deep even breathes from your stomach, not your chest. Relax your body. Find those stress points and let them go. Find, name, and release your emotions.

Step 2. The Song. Pick a song you know well that is deeply calming. You can play the song in your head, sing/hum it, or play it on the computer. It is better to play it in your head so you can do this exercise anywhere. Allow yourself to feel the peace and calm of the song. Remember to breathe.

Step 3. Stare at the air. Ever found yourself staring at something, lost in thought, not really seeing what you are looking at? It's like staring at air. Pick an object like a wall, floor, cup, but not the computer to stare at. Then take a mental step back and look at the space between you and the object. Do not stare hard, but glaze. Play the song in your head/out loud, and remember to breathe.

Result: You should feel warm/cool, tingling, flowing/rushing feeling in your body. Well done!

Step 4. Understand you can direct the energy any where you want.

Step 5. Start with your head and direct the energy downward. You can visualize the energy as a blue (or any other colour) mist. Also send energy from your hands to your core and then downward. See if you can feel the energy moving through you in a direct way.

Step 6. Direct this energy into the ground. You may want to do this on the "out" breath. Once the energy is in the ground it can not come back.

Tip: You may have to repeat this exercise several times to get all excess energy out.

And that is how to Ground the Energy!

Psi/Force Balls

Manipulating energy becomes second nature with practice.

Step 1. Feel the Force all inside of you. Remember the 1,2,3 method

a. Breathe.

b. Song.

c. Stare and feel the force.

Step 2. Direct the energy from everywhere up into your hands. You hands may feel tingly, heavy, cold/hot.

Step 3. Hold your hand out like you are cupping a bird or hold a ball. Imagine the ball in the space between your hands. Manipulate the energy in your hands to form the ball. You should feel your hands being pulled towards or away from each other like a magnet. You can also feel a sort of "firmness" of the ball there. However seeing the ball, called flaring, is rare and not something usually a newbie does.